The most remarkable innovations of demopark 2019 are awarded by gold and silver medals.

A jury of five magazines has examined carefully all applications and has chosen 4 gold and 10 silver medals. The following magazines are represented in the jury:
AGRARTECHNIK, B_I GaLaBau, Greenkeepers Journal, Kommunaltechnik, Lohnunternehmen

The winners of the Innovation Award 2019 are:


Husqvarna: Robotic lawn mower Automower 535 AWD
This professional robot mower handles slopes of up to 70%, approximately the incline of a ski jump ramp. All-wheel drive and articulated steering provide high traction and make this cross-country mower very manoeuvrable. It automatically takes care of grounds of up to 3500 m². This networked robot mower can be controlled from mobile devices with the aid of the Husqvarna Fleet Services app.

Husqvarna, Stand D-402

F.X.S. Sauerburger: Slope tractor Grip4-70
This slope tractor is suitable for municipal use, the care of lawns and areas with bodies of water, as well as road maintenance. This compact tractor has a centre-mounted cab and frame construction, with a high front axle articulated joint. The mid-mounted engine is located directly behind the cab. The good visibility is especially noteworthy.

F.X.S. Sauerburger, Stand E-579

Stihl: Power saw MS 500i
The MS 500i is the first power saw worldwide with electronic fuel injection. Components such as a carburettor and an ignition module are thereby eliminated. Pressure and temperature sensors dispense the fuel in accordance with the operating status. This high-performance, lightweight felling saw for professional users has an outstanding acceleration. The engine unit weighs only 6.2 kg.

Stihl, Stand B-251

Syn Trac: ST 400
The MS 500i is the world's first chainsaw with electronic fuel injection so it doesn’t need a carburetor. The injection valve delivers the exact amount of fuel needed for the operating conditions, which are determined by pressure, temperature and speed signals. This felling saw for professional users accelerates very rapidly, with a powerful performance, but a low weight. The motor unit weighs just 6.2 kg.

Syn Trac, Stand D-497


Agria: Sweeping brush with Biolon bristles
Sweeping with conventional plastic brushes inevitably produces microplastics. Therefore, Agria had the company Weber Bürstensysteme develop a rotary sweeper with bristles made of 75% starch. The material is 90% biodegradable within six months. The sweeping characteristics are the same as those of conventional plastic brushes.

Agria, Stand B-283

AS-Motor: Diagnostic device AS SherLog 1.0
For professional ride-on mowers from AS-Motor, this diagnostic device makes possible the complete testing of all electric and electronic components and the precise localisation of discrepancies within a few minutes. The diagnosis can be performed via any standard device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) with a WLAN adapter, with no additional software or power supply.

AS-Motor, Stand E-595

bema: Vacuum sweeper nozzle
This vacuum sweeper nozzle combines proven sweeper components with new vacuum technology. It is suitable for picking up loose, light material from various surfaces, including green areas, sealed surfaces and paved traffic areas. The suction turbine can be driven either hydraulically or mechanically via the drive shaft of the carrier vehicle.

bema, Stand D-449

Birchmeier: Plant protection spray blower AS 1200
This spray blower facilitates the application of plant protection and plant strengthening products in dense foliage, as well as targeting great heights or distances. Uniform coverage of the leaf is assured. Spraying is performed in an air stream with a pressure-controlled fluid supply. For example, this is suitable for combatting oak processionary moth caterpillars from the ground.

Birchmeier, Stand B-290

GreenMech: Tracked chipper Sure-Trak 19-28
To compensate for differing slope contours under the two tracks, this chipper allows each track to be pivoted independently. This can be done either automatically or manually to prevent overturning. The machine can thus operate safely on extreme terrain. The supply of oil and fuel to the engine is assured even on steep slopes.

GreenMech, Stand E-517

Hochfilzer: Snow blower Ariens ST 28 DLET Pro Hydro Rapidtrack
This snow blower from the manufacturer Ariens can be switched from track drive to wheel drive via a lever. The tracks provide more traction due to a greater contact area, while the wheels permit easier manoeuvrability around obstacles. This snow blower is also equipped with an auto-turn differential lock and an electronic fuel injection engine with a capacity of 420 cm³.

Hochfilzer, Stand E-592

Zero-turn mower Z994R with Michelin X Tweel wheels
The X Tweel wheels offer the advantages of an air-filled tire, but achieve their damping effect via flexible polyurethane spokes, which connect the tread to an inner hub. This ensures operational reliability even on ground littered with rubbish (e.g. glass bottles). In combination with the ComfortGlide seat, the wheels provide excellent riding comfort.

John Deere, Stand B-223

MBN Baumaschinenwelt: Towed excavator Mecalac Green Job - 8MCR - Pickup2Go
This 7.5-tonne tracked excavator from Mecalac is configured as a ditch or embankment mower, with a mowing bucket 4.3 m wide. The integrated road transport system allows the excavator to be towed on the road by a tractor, thus eliminating the need to secure the excavator on a flatbed truck. The equipment has the German TÜV (Technical Control Board) approval.

MBN Baumaschinenwelt, Stand A-139

Steyr Traktoren: Camera monitor system Q-KMS
For front-mounted implements in road traffic, a front end of 3.5 m applies, which may make it difficult to view crossing areas and concealed farm or street entrances. However, this view is assured by this Steyr Pro CVT camera monitor system functioning with two cameras and monitors each on the right and left. The system is approved for winter service and has the TÜV certification.

Steyr, Stand A-135

Westermann: Weed brush WKB 660 Honda
The WKB 660 Honda weed brush does not have a conventional revolving brush disc with metal braids, which are quite aggressive and can leave scratches on the ground. It has three individually rotating brush discs, each with four wire braids, positioned under a rotating disc. This protects the ground. In addition, the weeds are attacked from several angles.

Westermann, Stand E-516

You can also download the flyer with the winners of all novelties here.