Innovation show demopark 2017

The most remarkable innovations of demopark 2017 are awarded by gold and silver medals. A jury of five magazines has examined carefully all applications and has chosen 3 gold and 14 silver medals.

The following magazines are represented in the jury:


  • bi GaLaBau

  • Greenkeepers Journal

  • Kommunaltechnik

  • Lohnunternehmen

The award winners 2017 are:


Aebi Schmidt: Sweeper Swingo 200+ Koanda

The Koanda air circulation System in this compact sweeper, combined with a pressurised water recirculation system, reduces the emission of fine particulates by up to 95 percent. Water consumption and noise emissions have also reduced.

Aebi Schmidt, Stands D-430 and D-437

Bomag: Vibratory plate BPR 60/65 G

The world's first gas-powered reversible vibratory plate: As powerful as comparable petrol or diesel Equipment. CO emissions are scarely measurable, making it possible to work in enclosed spaces.

Bomag, Stand A-141

RAPID: Meadow seed harvesting Equipment eBeetle 1.1

Meadow seed harvesting Equipment for obtaining typical local seeds from donor meadows, for demanding greening of biotopes or renaturalisation: This battery-powered Equipment is suitable for sloping Terrain, and is transportable by car due to its light weight. 

RAPID, Stand G-732


Anta Swiss: Waste Management system FlipDot/Hai-Insel

Management system for waste bins: From simple bin Management to waste Management via an intelligent measuring system and radio communications. Saves unnecessary trips to empty or half-empty waste bins. A notification is automatically triggered if the bins are almost full.

Anta Swiss, Stand E-503

AS-Motor: AS 940 Sherpa 4WD RC

High grass mower, suitable for sloping Terrain: Can be operated either conventionally from the driver's seat or, depending on local conditions, via radio remote control. Suitable for steep slopes under low-hanging branches, as well as for large Areas and mowing between obstacles.

AS-Motor Germany, Stand E-599

Birchmeier: Two-wheeled battery-operated sprayer A50

Cart sprayer for professional users: Electronic control makes it possible to preselect the pressure and keep it constant. Important functions of the pump and battery are monitored to maintain constant spray characteristics. This optimises effectiveness and also ensures more economical consumption.

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik, Stand B-290

Dabekausen: Verge reach mower McConnel series 75

The special Feature of this equipment is the cooling system: Oil deposits are prevented thanks to good Ventilation preformance and the low flow rate of the hydraulic oil  tank. The cooling air flow is also optimised by the arrangement of baffles in the oil tank.

Dabekausen BV, Stand E-543

Dammann: Plant protection Monitoring system Profi-Class-Green

Precisely planned plant protection: The user determines what is to be applied, where, and how much. The system implements this via D-GPS Monitoring, an expandable ISO-BUS job computer and automatic nozzle deactivation.

Herbert Dammann, Stand D-421 

GEPA: Weed remover Unkraut-Jet 400 plus battery

Two functions: Mowing grass and removing weeds. The Equipment operates with trimmer lines, and has a continuously adjustable side arm for edge Areas. The swivel front wheel permits turning on the spot. Power is provided by a battery.

GEPA, Stand H-819

Golf Tech: Golf cart E-Z-GO Elite series

Protection of golf turf thanks to reduced weight: In this series, power is provided by a Samsung lithium-ion battery, achieving a weight reduction of 125 kg. In Addition, the new battery is maintenance-free.

Golf Tech, Stand B-233

Hunklinger: Paver jointing station 3-in-1 PVS-01

For mounting on wheeled loaders: A sand Distributor for dosing and distributing the jointing material, a jointing device for wet or dry joint filling, and a sweeping device for cleaning the paved area. There is also a shelving system for storage and transport.

Hunklinger Allortech, Stand C-333

Köppl: Battery-powered single-axle implement carrier EASY eDrive

Instead of using a combustion engine, this implement carrier is battery-powered, with 48 V. Via an electric motor, power is transferred mechanically to the power take-off and the continuously variable Transmission of the drive system. Equipment can be mounted with the Köppl quick-Change device.

Köppl, Stand G-736

Lite-Soil: Irrigation system BlueLite-Net

Developed for water-saving, economical subsurface irrigation of sports fields, green roofs and lawns. An irrigation pipe feeds water to a nonwoven fabric-based distribution network, where the water is then dirstributed at root Level.

Lite-Soil, Stand AH-15

Matador: Battery-operated single-axle implement carrier @M-Trac

Electrically powered 14-hp implement carrier that can be combined with various types of mounted equipment. The rotation direction of the power take-off can be changed, and the velocity and the speed of rotation of the power take-off are continuously adjustable.

Matador, Stand G-730

Reform-Werke: Hydro mower Reform RM16 DualDrive

The hydrostatically driven single-axle RM16 DualDrive mower by Reform has electronic operating controls for driving direction and speed. The clear operating structure in turn provides ergonomic and safety benefits.

Reform-Werke Bauer, Stand A-149

RS Baumaschinen: Excavator-mounted grader RSB Side Works GR01

In the fine preparation of a level surface up to +/- mm, the grader leaves no tracks, because the wheels are positioned ahead of the levelling blade. In addition, missing material can be added with the shovel, excess material can be removed, and hard soil can be loosened.

RS Baumaschinen, Stand E-500

Stihl: Chainsaw MS 462 C-M

In comparision to previous Stihl models, the equipment weight has been reduced by 700 g, to 6 kg. The new chain sprocket cover, the spiked bumper and the smaller flywheel contribute to better handling, allowing the saw to be used even for branch removal.

Stihl, Stand B-251

The Flyer with all winners and innovations can be downloaded here.