Turf Show

Topic Overview

Overview of topics offered during the Turf Show, in demo presentations on the grounds and poster presentations in the turf expertise tent.

Theme Days Topics & Contents  
Sunday, 11 June 2017
Landscaping Turf Day
“Soil cultivation for landscaping & home turf”
  • Turf types (RSM, regional & special mixtures), turf varieties
  • Loosening work for landscaping & home turf
  • Turfgrass sod types
Monday, 12 June 2017
Greenkeeper’s Day
“Healthy soil via soil aeration”
  • Soil cultivation for golf turf
  • Quality assurance for football turf
  • Turfgrass sod types
Tuesday, 13 June 2017
Municipal Turfgrass Day
“Innovative and effective mowing technologies”
  • Mowing of sports grounds & open areas
  • Hybrid system sports turf
  • Turfgrass sod types

Focus on Information and Further Training

The Turf Show with Golf and Sports Turf will again offer an extensive range of topics for in-depth information and further training. The German Turfgrass Society (DRG – Deutsche Rasengesellschaft e.V.) and the German Greenkeepers’ Association (GVD – Greenkeeper Verband Deutschland e.V.) will be handing out attendance certificates, particularly for visitors from the municipal sector but also for greenkeepers of golf courses and sports grounds; these certificates are taken into account for the GVD and other certification programmes.

All visitors can thus gain an overview of current developments in their own areas.

Again in 2017, the established demo lectures for the Turf Show with Golf and Sports Turf will be offered to fair visitors twice a day at 11.15 am and 2.15 pm.

Demo Presentations

The latest research findings and solution approaches concerning the key topic “Increasing quality requirements for turfgrass areas” will be presented from a practical perspective in the proven format. 

For the first time, directly in the turfgrass area, selected innovative equipment will also be presented in detail, moderated by Dr. Jörg Morhard of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering, University of Hohenheim.

Topics & Contents Authors
“Grass breeding” 
•  Turf suitability • Current breeding goals
L. Obernolte/ C. Schumann
“Seed quality”
• Technical • Genetic
Dr. K. Müller-Beck
“Seed mixtures” 
• RSM turfgrass • New golf mixtures
Dr. H. Nonn
“Seed mixtures”
•  RSM regional mixtures
Prof. M. Bocksch
“Hybrid system sports turf areas” 
• Expectations • Performance • Maintenance
Dr. H. Nonn
“Golf turf”
• Golfer expectations • Maintenance requirements
Dr. W. Prämaßing
“Sustainable outdoor sports facility turf”
•  Evaluation criteria •  Evaluation system
Prof. M. Thieme-Hack/ J. Katthage, M.Eng.
“Soil quality” 
•  Soil health • Biostimulants
Dr. F. Lord 
“Quality management for football turf” 
•  Degree of cover & playability • Elasticity
Dr. K. Müller-Beck/ Dr. H. Nonn
“Plant protection – Drift prevention” 
• Requirements •  Technical solutions
Dr. G. Lung

The programme is subject to change without notice.



Explanation of the double-ring infiltrometer method for assuring the quality of areas of turfgrass; source: Dr. Müller-Beck, DRG
Vertical ball rebound from turfgrass, with a defined drop height of 2.0 m; source: Dr. Müller-Beck, DRG
Ball rolling distance of 5.75 m, with a starting height of 100 cm and a slope of 45°; source: Dr. Müller-Beck, DRG
Impressions of the Special show on sports and golf turfgrass
Impressions of the Special show on sports and golf turfgrass
Impressions of the Special show on sports and golf turfgrass